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Content and the produser

Content and the produser
In this weeks class we talked about what 'Produsage' is. I never heard of the word produsage before. The word produsage is a portmanteau of the words production and usage. Alex Bruns concept blurs the boundaries between passive consumption and active production. The distinction between producers and consumers of users of content has faded, as users play the role of producers whether they are aware of this role or not. We talked about how anyone can post on wikipedia, so is that information reliable? In my opinion it's certainly not but 99.9 percent of the time it'll be right. 
I think our group got a shock when we all realized that there is only 2 weeks left of classes. This gave our group a boost to get the work done. I think we're in a good spot as we know that we're doing a video. We need to meet up as a group, maybe even in college and discus what will go in the video and who will do what. I think it will definitely be easier to meet …

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